The Self Not Identified With Our Thoughts

One of my co-workers/friend is at the hospital giving birth as I contemplate what to write about last night.  She was working until the end of last week and we all felt for her as she was hoping the birth would come very soon.  It did and she hoped it wouldn’t happen over the weekend and it didn’t.  This got me thinking that maybe we have much more to say about how thing workout for us in life?  In past posts I have written about thoughts and their influence over the outcome of things.  Now I want to update/revise this idea by suggesting that it may have nothing to do with our typical thoughts but may be a deeper knowing beyond the endless treadmill of our past and future obsessed ego-mind.

This greater knowing is what could be called the Self not identified with our thoughts; the spirit in us not limited by any learned beliefs.  Can this higher knowing shape the outcome of our life much more than ordinary thinking?  My guess is yes in profound ways.  What is your guess?

Many have written about the subconscious mind as a powerful force, which isn’t a place in out brain but a theoretical human formation, which could otherwise be known as spirit, Higher Self, the part of us in unity with the creative force of the universe.  I feel as if I am walking out on a branch that is beginning to sway as I attempt to explore these ideas while writing here.  There is still so much for us to learn and explore about our human capacities. 

Are ideas for you sometimes on the edge of what you know and you wrestle with them trying to put them into words beyond what the ordinary mind can comprehend?  Speculation is interesting but real knowing is profoundly altering.   When the light of consciousness begins to shine the world is never seen the same again.

In my reading today, I came upon an article about Luck from a research project.  Basically it said people shape their “good” luck from being fully present in their lives and from have a positive mindset.  People who have bad luck seem to believe in it.  

Back to the pregnant staff member she and her husband are keeping us updated on Facebook.  I guess I will have to read if it is a boy or girl in the morning when I edit this.  Newborn babies are such a wonderful gift to the world as an unlimited potential aligned with the divine within waiting to be their fullest expression of who they are in their life time.

I am rambling about, I hope you have a connection with your Self, have something really lucky happen, and if your have great fortune today you will get to hold a new baby. 

P.S.  In a great show of compassion and care for people, the insurance companies threatened to spike the rates if Congress passed healthcare reform.  This is a very telling moment that all of us should pay attention to and please let your elected officials know to do what is right for the people not for their profit margins.