Trusting Change, Going With The Flow, and Finding Peace

How is your energy lately?  What are you excited about?  What are looking forward to?  Where is your energy going, is it toward what you want or just survival?  Do you like your life as it is?  Are you ready for change?  How do you know what changes would be positive for you and what ones would be less so?  I ask these questions because you never know when a new opportunity to make a change will be presented to you.

My wife and I were given notice yesterday that the owners of the house we rent want to move in so it is time to look for a new place.  I am excited about this because change pushes us to take a greater look at the possibilities for our lives.  We have been renting while we sort out where we want to live and how to create the life we desire.  We may have been playing it too safe or need a push out of the comfort of what is familiar?  Renting is good for that sorting process because you have more flexibility.  I prefer flexibility so I can make changes easily when I know they are right.

Now we get to figure out where to go and what changes we want to make.  We can remain in this area, or look at moving to a new part of the country or back to where I lived before in Santa Barbara.  I am going to suggest to my wife that we present to the Universe or a Higher Guiding Force that we are ready to be shown where we should go, where we can have fun and purposeful things to do.  Maybe she and I at our best have been trapped by our own limiting thoughts?  Maybe we both want to stay where it is familiar?  We still need income so that is important.  We want to live some place we would enjoy living.  Most likely a smaller city without lots of stress is ideal.  I enjoy the West Coast particularly the warmer end. 

My inner work has felt really lively lately and I feel much more in the flow and trusting that things are going to work out for the best.  This feels very positive to allow trust and flow to be how I live.  You can invite this flow into your life by stepping into the gaps in your thinking and fully learn to listen to what is right here and now waiting for you to explore and express.

Still no newborn, this one is staying in the Mom Hotel as long as he or she can.

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This is a very important time to take a stand for peace with Obama deciding on what to do Iraq and Afghanistan.  We need to speak up.  It seems a cautious yet protective disengagement is necessary.   

Peace starts inside and spreads out into the world.