Are Corporations More Important Than Individuals?

Seems like a comments day since there is always much to comment about and this time is a familiar theme about the dominant place corporation play in our government and our lives. 

Blog Action Day was a big success as far as spreading the awareness of the concerns about climate change.  Over 9000 bloggers wrote about climate change, they were in 150 countries and have a combined readership of over 12 million people.  That is a lot of energy to offset the greed principle driving many companies who pollute our air and water and are reckless about human life.  Congratulations to everyone who cares enough about our Earth to get involved and do something that makes a positive difference. 

Our government’s bailout is working very well for many of the investment firms that used our tax moneys to save their business.  They are reporting huge profits and expect to get very generous bonuses.  Hum?  Wealth is a wonderful thing to have, I was wondering when the American people will get some of that prosperity from our government in the form of: a truly reasonable health coverage for all; the end of corporate dominance in Washington DC and almost all aspects of life; protection of our environment; quit sending our young people into war to die for no good reason and better mental health care instead of more prisons, etc.?

Did you hear that 30 Republican Senators argued against women’s right to be protected from rape at their job’s.  Here's a list of the names of the 30 Republican Senators who vocally argued that companies have a right not to be responsible for rapes of employees by other employees.  Am I reading this wrong or have these 30 Senators put corporate protection over human rights?  Where is the human heart in their decision to protect corporations not women?

Another sign of something that doesn’t make sense; people are being arrested outside insurance companies protested for better health care when many of these companies are not held accountable for their heartless actions.  Remember recently people were at a President Obama talk and they were armed with weapons.  No one was arrested there.  Does that mean the right to carry arms is more important than the right to health care for all?  

I am very hopeful about those who get involved and do more than just talk and complain.  The momentum is clearly in the hands of big money interests but it has always been that a few well intended people guided by a higher purpose have won out over those without heart or compassion