Both An Inner Purpose and An Outer Purpose

Wow where did all this warm weather come from?  Last weekend it snowed and yesterday it was 79 degrees.  People who live here always say that the constantly changing weather is just the way Colorado is.  Seems true after being here for 5 years.  

In my continual exploration of the writings of Eckhart Tolle, I came upon an idea that most of us never would think about, that idea is that our life has both an outer purpose and an inner purpose.  Each of us has our own unique expression of our purpose.  My work as a therapist seems clearly one of my outer purposes as does my writing and my activities as a social activist.  This is what I do to make a difference.  This purposeful work can be seen and I can feel positive about it.   What outer purpose are you engaged in?

The inner purpose is something we all share.  That purpose is about being fully present and conscious in the now.  We all are here to awaken, to be enlightened, to be fully conscious human beings.  Most of the time many do not even recognized this inner purpose and instead are focused on realizing their outer purpose in the future. 

The outer purpose is made up of a million steps as you continue to work away at realizing this personal work that matters.  It can last an entire lifetime and it usually does.  The inner purpose is about one step, the step you are taking right now.  The outer purpose is driven by the illusion of time and the inner step knows only the moment. 

As we live fully in the now our light of awareness expands into more fully being who we are here to be.   This inner self-realization actually enriches out outer purpose.   The more we realize our higher self, the more effective our work will be out in the world. 

As I write this I am also just beginning to understand these ideas and I find some questions popping up.  Which purpose will actually make the most difference?  Isn’t the inner purpose more the guiding force to a successful outer purpose?  Where should I put my emphasis on my inner work or my outer expression?  Could it be that they are equally important to have a fulfilling life?  Can the outer purpose get caught up in the workings of the ego-mind?   Isn’t my inner work anti ego because it resides in the now?  What questions come up for you as you think about these ideas? 

Have a good and fruitful week with your minds eye on both what you have going on in your life and on the moment-to-moment journey of the self toward Self.