Your Mind Is Out Of Control And You May Not Even Notice

What is on your mind today?  You can explore the following questions to answer about what your mind is up to.  Do you pay attention to your thoughts?  Do you believe what you think?  Do you live in the present, past or future?  Is your self-talk truly supportive or does it tend to be judgmental towards self?  Do you blame others for how you feel?  Do you focus more on problems instead of solutions?  Does your mind ever quiet down or is it constantly racing?  Do you ever catch your ego running your life in unhealthy ways? 

These questions are important because most people have little or no understanding about how out of control their minds are.  The reality is that our thoughts tend to be: less than supportive; stuck in a worrying state of mind about the future or obsessive about the wrongs of the past; constantly repetitive much of which is the same thoughts we’ve had since we were much younger; and in fear because of the unknown we want to avoid.  Yes our thoughts are a mess much of the time and that’s not working unless of course you prefer to suffer through life.

So what is a person to do with a mind ramped up on fear and hardly ever present to the unlimited potential and possibility that is only located in this moment.   Would it be possible to explore the idea that there is only one moment you can live ever and that is right now?  There is no tomorrow because when you get there it is today.  There is no past because when you spend time thinking about it that is in the now.  Now is all there is but our mind and ego will argue with all their might that there is only the past and the future.  The ego-mind argues so vociferously because in the now it has no power.  In the now the power belongs to our highest mind of consciousness and awareness.

Please take the time to do the following exercise to explore both the self and the Self in the moment beyond the distracted mind.  You may be surprised to discover what is waiting to be realized.

Find a quiet place where you can be free of distraction for the next 15-30 minutes.  Then begin to feel your body as your breathe in and breathe out.   Become sensitive to the moving of your body in relationship to your breath.  As you follow each inhale and exhale you will naturally begin to relax.  Soon your feel your breath deepen and you will notice that who you are is starting to slow down.  This is a beautiful moment when you realize that you can alter your state, you can quiet yourself down very simple by breathing mindfully.

Once you notice the relaxation response happening, invite yourself to tune into the energetic flow of the body and it’s relationship with your thoughts.  Act as an observer and just notice your thoughts and feeling without judging them.  As you develop this watching presence you invite a more expanded sense of awareness into your life.  You become a more conscious human being.  In these now moments be aware of the aliveness that flows through you, be aware of the deeper forces that want to help guide you and heal your body, be aware of the intuition that wants to make itself known, be aware of the life force that occupies you, be aware of the purposeful impulses that encourage your expression, and be alive to the rich abundance of peace, joy and love that is in you when you take the time to be fully in the moment. 

Notice as your eyes see more clearly and in brighter Technicolor, you ears hear the more expansive sounds of nature and the rhythms of the earth, you sense the pulse of living in you and in all of life, and find your heart wide-open as if you have entered into an unconditional love fest with all things.  Unity consciousness is this sense of heartfelt alignment with all there is.  Enjoy yourself in your natural state of expansion.

After you coast for a while in this expanded state take the time to slowly come back into your life.  Appreciate the feeling of the peace inside.

Soon enough you will be back up to full speed ahead.  Don’t forget to return to this peaceful and awakened place within at least once a day.