No Blaming, Just Getting Together For Change

Today I am fighting the urge to write about some political issues that I feel need to be addressed.  The reason I am trying to not go there is because I realized that this thinking that things are wrong and someone is screwing up has a tint of blame to it and frankly more than a little blame at times.  Yes there are many corporations out there that fall short of what seems right and responsible but who am I too take it personally or blame these companies. 

Blame is not the angle I want to take because as soon as I blame I become powerless to do anything.  Blaming means I don’t feel I am responsible for what is going on because I am putting the responsibility on someone else and therefore there is nothing I can do about it.  In the case of insurance companies or bank fees, I can always go shopping for something better unfortunately there often is not any better options.  So what do I do?  I could explore how to self-insure or how to work with money not using banks.   If I choose to go the way of insurance companies or regular banks I have to give up my blaming or I am setting myself up to not feel empowered. 

From now on I want to look at how I can talk about the need for change without blaming.  Sometimes I seem to be able to do that and other times I get upset and react by pointing my finger.  This is not ok because I want to and commit to acting with more consciousness.  This means questioning to understand, exploring to be informed and still maintaining compassion for all involved.  This compassion is because I see more clearly that people are trying to do their best in providing for their families and themselves.  Some have to do what they have to do to survive.  No judging is allowed or I am allowing the ego-mind to be in charge.

I see an abundant world where there is enough money and resources so that we all can meet our basic needs of food, home, education, healthcare, and purposeful expression.  In order for this to happen we need to all get together as brothers and sisters of planet Earth and figure this out.  All are better off, safe and secure if all have what they need.