Friday’s Mix Bag of Ego, Peace, Michael Moore and Action Sports

Yeah!!! It is Friday and I am glad for a few days off.  There has been some stress in my life lately but so far I feel good.  Once source of concern is my wife and I have to find a new home because the owners want to move back into the house we are renting.  I feel open and ready to finding just the right place.

There is also a personnel issue going on at work and from my viewpoint it seems like a battle of some ego’s with a dose of blaming.  This seems like a no-win situation with the rest of us having to deal with the overflow of this battle.   Staff are feeling the tension in a place where we need to feel safe as a team.  Recently the tension has begun to spill over into meetings and that seems so wrong.  I know I am not the only one that is feeling unsafe and unsure about being there. 

The ego is the source of all human problems and the reason we have killed over 100 million of our fellow humans in the last 100 years.  When will consciousness win out?

Now onto some other Friday thoughts, the first of which is to check out the new Peace Together Ad here at my blog.  Peace Together is my wife and my social artist site where we offer great organic t-shirt with messages of peace.  Please stop by our website and order now for the holidays and all your peace oriented friends and family will be very pleased.  This supports our efforts to spread peace and our work to promote a better world. 

This weekend I plan to see Michael Moore’s new film about Corporations.  His work is amazing because he questions the status quo in an artistic and very informative way.  Those that support keeping things just the way they are really dislike Michael Moore.  This is a sad commentary again of the power of the inflexibility of the ego-mind.  Unfortunately we can’t count on our corporate driven media to truly question what is going on. Here are 15 Things Every American Can Do Right Now by Michael Moore if you want to take action to take back this country from corporate rule.

As you go into the weekend, what is on your agenda to relax, to recharge, and to have some fun?  I need some action sports like ping pong or badminton to get me going in an energetic and fun way.  Golf maybe after work today will be too sedate because there is not enough action.  Action gets my mind, heart and body all going at once.  What gets you going in ways you enjoy?  Have a great weekend.