A Big Need For Doing Good In The World

The new week is upon us and I am so grateful for the life I have.  Getting my haircut on Saturday the stylist asked me about my work.  She then shared that her brothers, sisters and her were raised by abusive alcoholic parents.   Several of her sisters and brothers now live the nightmare of addiction.  She also shared her daughter who is an Osteopath examined her back and said it was broken when she was 16.  Her dad in a drunken rage had thrown her against a wall.   Now she says she feels the need to keep her life separate from most people because she fears the judgment of others because of her past.   

There are so many out there that have these stories in their closets, unfortunately because of their trauma their behavior got them in trouble and many ended up with addictions and time in prison.  I know because I have heard more horror stories than you would ever want to hear.  

If you were raised in a family that cared, that didn’t abuse you, that tried to give you a good life, you have much to be grateful for even if they had their flaws.   You and I had it better than many.   

This is not even considering the challenges of the millions who live in poverty around the world.  The previous night I tried to watch Slumdog Millionaire and couldn’t because it is about child abuse not matter how it turns out and this is the type of young people who end up seeing me.  How can people watch this and make it an award winning film and not do something about the truth of child abuse and poverty?   

If you had a terrible upbringing and you are breaking that cycle of abuse or addiction, you also have much to be thankful for because something in you was able to overcome tremendous odds.  You are an amazing person but probably have no idea that is true.  

Yes the weight of the world is really heavy for so many.   What will it take for love, compassion, caring and kindness to be the guiding force for all humanity?  There is enough money and resources to alter this perpetuating disaster.  Find a compassionate cause you believe in, give your time, your energy, and/or your resources and help others have as blessed a life as you have. 

This would be doing good in the world and it would feel great.