Living Wisely

With the intensity of living in these times comes a need to more fully realize our potential.  There is no way we can afford to be on cruise control because we will be left behind.  These are proactive times and we need to bring together our inner resources to be successful, prosperous and create the life we want.  Here are 15 ways to live with a wise heart:

1.                  Always question your thoughts – most thoughts you have are habitual and limiting, they are just a collection words you give meaning to and are probably not real

2.                  Keep your eyes open for the workings of your ego – key signs: wanting to be in control, fear driven, approval seeking, and past or future focused

3.                  Explore all your beliefs because many are false – you have many years of family, social, school and religious conditioning that clog your view of self and the world

4.                  Learn to open your heart – a compassionate and loving heart will make you fully human and a gift to the world

5.                  Develop an active relationship with your spirit/higher self – you are spiritual being having a human experience, not a human having a spiritual experience, this relationship will make you an amazing person

6.                  Find out how to listen inward, pay attention to your intuition – there is a vast amount of knowing and possibilities that come from developing and inner relationship with self

7.                  Take care of your energy – eating well, exercise, mindfulness, centering, rest, relaxation, quiet time, seeking inspiration, supportive friends, martial arts, massage, walks, and whatever it takes to recharge you

8.                  Live in the present – spending time reliving or rethinking the past and rehearsing the future will mean that you miss the joys of living in the now, this now moment is all you will every have

9.                  Take full responsibility for your life – your life is what you make of it so don’t waste time blaming or complaining, instead do what you need to do to make it work out as you want it to be

10.              Live with purpose and passion in whatever you do – settling for less doesn’t work and will make you unhappy, going for life with all you got will bring real joy

11.              Practice being patient – you live in a hurry and worry world where patience will aid you to take action when it will do the most good for you, for those around you, and the world

12.              Focus on appreciation and you will have much to be grateful in your life – if you focus on what is good and positive, you will feel so much better

13.              Set goals and make commitments that stretch you – when you look back you will see how much you have gained from being you as fully as you possibly can

14.              Looking inward to find peace and happiness – these are both qualities that happen inside first and then spread out into the world

15.              Pay attention to your emotions – real freedom comes from being ok with who you are, with what you feel, and expressing yourself as fully as possible

Live boldly each day paying close attention to the higher wisdom that is yours if you simply tune in and listening.  You always know what you need to know to live the most amazing life.