Last Night Was About Being A Sports Fan, Go Blazers

Today’s blog wanders from my usual topics of consciousness, personal growth, progressive politics and working towards a better world.   It is about a life long passion that you might or might not identify with.  It is about being a sports fan and Tuesday evening was a big night for me. 

When I was a kid, I use to listen to the Portland Buckaroos of the Western Hockey League on the radio.  That was when I became a real sports fan.  When Portland got a NBA team, the Trail Blazers, my sports fan self evolved and expanded.  Every year since 1970 this is a special night for me.  It is the season opener for the Portland Trail Blazers.  There have been some lean years for this franchise but this year has the markings of an exceptional ride through 82 regular season games and the playoffs.  As I wrote this blog post I was at my computer following the game on a website and will excitedly reading the stats after the game. 
There is something really fun about sports because in the big picture they really don't matter but in the alternative reality of sports fanaticism our teams take us through an emotional rollercoaster from bliss to bummed.  I always read the sports news first because it provides a context from which to view most of the other news.  This context is one that says, "it really doesn't matter but it sure feels good to be all fired up about something."  Yes news does matter but much of what we get is not real news but more media happenings and opinion. 
Sports seems more real because it is about scores and interesting numbers, about developed skills and exceptional talent, about determination and will power.  These are games and they are meant to be played for the joy of all who participate and watch.  If you have ever competed you know how it feels and if you have ever succeeded at a high level you want more but eventually humility arrives in the form of a lesson called age and loss.   
Sports are not life and death but some kind of pursuit of excellence that you want to cheer about or at least hope for better results next time.  Being a fan is something you enjoy or you would not be one.  If sports disappeared you (and I) as fans would miss its ability to set us free from the seriousness of life.  That would be a big loss for many.   
It is my hope that if you are a fan of any sports teams that you get to share with them the great joys of winning and success.   At best sports might serve as a reminder to play with your life, to explore the willpower and joyous expression of great athletes and teams as a model for what you do.  In the end sports may teach you about the potential you have to be a winner despite odds that seem overwhelming. 
Go Blazers Go!  They now have a winning streak of one.