The Best Secret To Success At Everything Is

The simple secret is, "Just Show Up."  This is really not a closely kept secret but it remains out of most people's awareness because they are rarely if ever fully present for their own lives.  When you show up success is guaranteed because this is the optimal state for making anything happen that you desire.  If you show up your career blossoms, your relationships thrive, your inner sense of self is rich, and you discover joy and love are natural products of being fully present.  Let me share with you what to "just show up" would look like in your life today.
Showing up means:
•    Being fully engaged is in the quiet wisdom of the now
•    Interacting and learning with an open and wise mind
•    Having a loving, kind and compassionate heart
•    Quiet enough inside to be totally present with yourself or anyone else that matters to you are
•    Aware and respectful of your emotions in a healthy and accepting way
•    Tuned into any self-limiting ideas or beliefs so you can revise them to set yourself free
•    Able to listen to another sincerely while seeking to understand who they are
•    Placing your ego in check and instead being guided by your Higher Self
•    In touch with your Spirit and developing the observing Self
•    Free of the need to judge
•    Completely genuine as a person and in your interaction with others
•    Patient enough to be with things as they are; at the pace they need to be
•    Willing to be accepting of the unique expression of each individual
•    Receptive to new learning by retaining the beginner's mind
•    Having found inner peace, willing to be at peace with others
•    Humble enough to learn from all experiences
•    Supportive and encouraging of the others
•    Living in the now free of any unfinished past or any pursuit of a restless future
•    Aware of the connection between all living things
•    In the joy of being fully in the moment
•    Appreciative of the beauty and possibility of all creative expression

These qualities are a gift to you and the world and they come from you being a mindful, awake, alert, aware, present, and conscious person.  

Stay tuned here at this blog for more about showing up and if you are interested, take some time to explore my past posts because there are many relate to this topic.