Can You Tell Right From Wrong?

Of course you can.  Most likely you were raised by parents who lived by a set of values and rules for behavior.  They passed those values onto you.  As an adult you may have revised those values/rules to fit with your view of the world.   The point is you have values and guidelines for behavior.  (I purposefully left out the 10 Commandments since they are too religious for me.)  Here are rules of human behavior that seem worth following today:

1.    Be honest and truthful
2.    Don’t steal from others
3.    Do not kill others, respect all of life
4.    Treat others as you want to be treated
5.    Only use money for good
6.    Be humble not arrogant

The above six rules especially the 4th one, which is the Golden Rule, seem to cover most of what is expected of us as far as acceptable behavior.  What would you add? 

My next question is why do you or I allow or even pay attention to those who violate these basic values of acceptable behavior?  Do you question the right and wrong of the following:

•    The radio and TV talking heads that make up things as they go just to stir their ratings 
•    Politicians that say what you want to hear and seem to have lost touch with being truthful
•    People who fight for the sanctity of life and then are loud advocates of war
•    Corporations who use money to get their way and influence lawmakers for their benefit even if they hurt people, fuel war, and destroy the environment
•    People that are run by big egos and only care about growing these egos
•    Insurance companies that say they are there to serve their customers yet drop clients if they hurt their profits
•    Those in the military that say they are Christian and yet train to kill others
•    Religious organizations that speak of charity and giving yet have huge holdings and surround themselves with wealth
•    News stations that claim to be fair and balanced and yet have a clear political agenda
•    Those that stir fear in others to take advantage of them
•    Those that preach family values and have affairs
•    Those that disrespect others and are outraged when their behavior is questioned

This list can go on and on.  The point here is that we do know right from wrong, isn’t it time we expect that of others?