A Vaccination of Consciousness

In the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle there is a wonderfully simple self-healing meditation that I want to share with you especially in these times of H1N1 and so much going on that can be disruptive to your mental and emotional health.  This book is so powerful and I highly encourage you to pick up a copy so you can understand the context of this following healing meditation.

“When you are unoccupied for a few minutes, especially last thing at night before falling asleep and the first thing in the morning before getting up, flood your body with consciousness. 
Close your eyes. 
Lie flat on your back. 
Choose different parts of your body to focus your attention on briefly at first: hands, feet, arms, legs, abdomen, chest, head and so on. 
Feel the life energy (light) inside those parts as intensely as you can.  Stay with each part for fifteen seconds or so. 
Then let your attention run through the body like a wave a few times, from feet to head and back again.  This need only take a minute or so. 
After that feel the inner body in its totality, as a single field of energy.  Hold this feeling for a few minutes. 
Be intensely present during this time, present in every cell of your body. 
Don’t be concerned if the mind occasionally succeeds in drawing your attention out of the body and your loose yourself in thought.  As soon as you notice that this is happening, just return your attention to the inner body.” 

Take the time to do this practice daily and you will find yourself remaining healthy even in the most trying of times.  Read this book and you will be forever a more conscious human being.