Recovery, A Very Challenging Journey

It seems as I look at my recent blog posts that I have gotten into being a list writer.   I have felt very inspired lately and the ideas just start to flow.  I enjoy when this process flows so effortlessly.  Isn’t that the way life is suppose to be?  When things are right there is a flow that comes easily and with little effort.  As I write this entry I don’t really know where I am heading.  Let’s see what happens.

How do we really bring about change in our lives?  This question has been in my head lately because of my work with addicts who are trying to reshape themselves into people in recovery.  This going from an insane life and oftentimes homelessness to getting their life back is a huge transformation.  Not only is the addiction a powerful force but often too are the mental health issues that have to be worked out.

There is a beat up guy over in Detox today and often who has tried treatment twice with us but seems to be unable to make the break from himself and the power of his addictive illness.   Every time I see him back in Detox I feel sad because I know he really wants to break from this cycle of homelessness and alcohol addiction.  He suffers so much that he almost feels he has to drink to soften the pain.

How do we help people who want help but can’t seem to get out of their own way?   We can plant seeds, we can help break the cycle regularly, offer them a respite, and some time to clear their minds.  The damage of trauma from childhood, of low self-esteem, of a mind unable to think clearly, of emotions like fear, quilt and shame running a person, and other factors make recovery a very challenging journey.

It has to start, as it does for the rest of us wanting to make changes, with the clarity of awareness that this is not working and they are now willing to ask for help and do whatever it takes to make things better.  That moment of insight makes the rest of change possible.

How do you go about making big changes in your life?  When do you know it is time to change?  What does it take for you to move into action?  Do you pace yourself or are you fast acting?  Do you have the patience to wait for what is right or do you settle for whatever? 

The process of change especially significant change is amazing because there is so much inertia, so many forces to keep what is familiar, to play it safe however in the end when change is clearly needed then we can call on vast inner resources to make it happen. 

Here’s hopping that the changes you face today find effortless success tomorrow.