Please President Obama Don't Send More Troops to Die In Afghanistan

These times are not for expanding our commitment of troops into Afghanistan.  The military is not who you need to consult about this because they are driven by ego and ego has only made a bigger mess out of bad situations.  There is no chance of victory, look at the history of other wars in this country, look at Vietnam for a further history lesson.  The people of Afghanistan don't want us occupying their country no more than we want other nations occupying the United States.  This was bad idea started by a totally misguided administration.  Please cleanup the mess we have left and start exiting immediately.  That is the only sane thing to do.
I feel compelled to write because inside the DC Beltway you get no impartial advice.  There is way too much vested interest in all those who want you to do what they think is right.  War and escalating war is never a good idea no matter how much the rationalizing mind argues in support.  What are the alternatives?  Have you heard from anyone who has a very different view on how to handle this mess?  I say build more schools, provide books, feed them, and help them have homes and we will save billions in military hardware and many lives.  This is not complicated.  
Please replace any military leaders who go to the media to advocate for their plan as if they know better than you.  They do not know better because you represent the people and we elected you to be thoughtful, to explore impartially what is right, and then act wisely for those lives that might be endangered.  This must not be a fear driven decision but one of critical thinking and a compassionate heart.  We all share this planet together and there is always ways to work out our problems that is better than killing each other.  Isn't it time that we humans evolve past the big stick into genuinely communicating with each other in search of solutions?
Keep up the good work; I understand your job is a very hard one.  These times will invite you to more fully realize your potential for greatness.   Most of us want you to succeed for the benefit of our nation and the global community.