A Stream Of Healing Particles

Lately my mind has been returning to an idea I learn years ago listening to Deepak Chopra on one of his tape series about healing and quantum physics.  In that presentation he said on a particle level our body is almost totally renewed every year.   That means every year we have a new body.  Then how come we still have the old injuries, soreness and physical limitations? As I get older I notice stuff like sore heals and shoulders more and I wonder why they still are sore if this is a new body.  That questioned got answered one day in a moment of what I think was an insight.  I am curious what you think of this idea?  The insight was that those sore and limited parts of the body remain this way because of thought forms in us that we have yet to let go of in our mind or body.
These thought forms are powerful messages and thereby cause the new particles to rebuild in response to the held belief.  So I have this chronic sore left heal from years of running or my holding to the idea that I have a chronically sore left heal keeps it that way.  The same kinds questions are true for a shoulder that has to yet fully heal from an injury.  Is it that I keep on enforcing the soreness because I focus on soreness or is it because I need to replace the images of soreness with ones of healing and renewal?  What makes sense to you?

So my plan is to do an experiment with these limitations or points of soreness and attempt to change my thoughts related to them.  I will do this experiment for up to a year and see what results I can create. 
The following is a visualization, which will evolve over time about this renewing of the body on a particle level:
        *    First I will take the time to quiet myself down and listen to my thoughts about my healing images and therefore shape the inner impression I want to make on my subconscious mind.
        *    Next I will set time aside each day to both dissolve limiting thought forms and to create new healing images inside.
        *    These images come to mind when I think of what being healed by the particles that flow in and out of me would look like.  I see a beautiful flow of a rainbow of colored balls of light flowing into me with each inhale.  Those balls of healing light almost like Christmas lights in brightness travel into my body through my lungs and into my heart and throughout every cell via my circulatory system.  These particles go in and replace the old particles in a never-ending cycle of renewal.  On the exhale the old particles of light flow out and back into the universe where they are renewed by their interaction with the air around us.  These new particles are healing because I (we) choose to have healing thoughts and the replacement parts eventually win out over the old limiting thought forms or beliefs.  Let this visualization grow as you get a deeper sense of how you want it to feel. 
        *    These healing particles are not only physical forms but also affected by the workings of the mind and the emotions of the heart.  Thinking and feeling healthy as you breathe in these colorful particles will enhance their effectiveness.  When the mind and heart are in alignment with the renewal process it is greatly enhanced.
        *    Lastly be grateful for the end results.  "Fake it until you make it," is a phrase that many use.  Another way to state this is, in the energy of appreciation for all that is possible, amazing things can happen.  
Healing is up to our receptivity and openness because the flow of particles is endless and always available if we are willing to receive.