The Crooked Thinking Of Conservatives and Corporations

The way people rationalize what they are doing and saying is getting more and more out of touch with reality especially those speaking for corporations and conservatives.  The corporate speak is “poor me, let me take more advantage of you.”  The conservative spokespersons seem to hate being out of power, have nothing to say that is good about those in power, and toss out honesty in the name of whatever it takes to get back into power.  Doesn’t all this b.s. make you want to really change things around so that these two forces have little or no power ever again over the people?  The following are a few examples of what I am talking about.  Let me know what your thoughts are about these articles. 

The first article is by Paul Krugman in the NY Times.  He comments on the transparency of the Republican Party as they celebrate Chicago not getting the Olympics as a failure for President Obama.  They do not want him to succeed at anything because it means they might not get back into power.  This hunger for power and glee over failure is a blatant disregard for what is good for America and its people.  This behavior has to be a disgrace to any person who is fair minded and compassionate toward their fellow citizens.   
This second article made me think that anyone who lives according to the Conservative Christian movement must either have turned off their mind or live in incredible denial.  This story is about a conservative project to eliminate any so called, “liberal” comments in the bible.  These supposed words of God from their point of view are now not right so they in their arrogance and rationalizing mind are going to rewrite it.  Sorry folks but if Jesus was alive today he would most certainly be a liberal according to his teachings. 

In another interesting story I came about Wellpoint an insurance corporation that has a huge campaign going to promote how much they care about providing good quality coverage and now they are cutting their workers health benefits and raising their employee rates.  If that isn’t the biggest mix message I have ever heard, then I don’t know what is.  This corporation is tooting its horn and shafting its employees.  Oh and I forgot to say their CEO made $10 million last year.  Please if you trust these guys, where has your critical thinking gone?  Let’s speak up and insist our elected officials vote for real change not some cosmetic give-in to the corporations who don’t care even about their own people.
The last article is enough to make me mad and I don’t get mad often because I refuse to get caught up in the insanity of the way people act or corporations behave ripping us off without any conscience.  Banks, which we bailed out with money from our taxes, are making a huge profit by the unnecessary fees they charge us for being our bank.  This is highway robbery especially when we bailed them out of the mess they got themselves into.   Who is watching out for the people in this area?  Congress is a “no show” except when it comes to giving them all the money they need to make sure their profits soar and their executives get very rich off us.  Wealth is a wonderful thing but don’t you think it needs to be spread around more? 

It is time for real change and we are the ones that must make it happen.