84 Days To Make Something Happen

My friend stopped by here and left a valued comment about my blog yesterday.  He and I worked together at a job that was very stressful.  He is a great guy and a very powerful at manifesting of what he thinks about.  When we worked this job he use to say often what a pain in the ass it was.  One day he came to work to report that he has a cyst on his backside, you can guess where.  He had to have the thing removed.  We all made fun of the situation but it struck me as a powerful lesson in being careful what we focus our thoughts on. 

That same force that can create negative results can also create positive results.  Whatever you focus on expands in your life.  If you can imagine wonderful results you can make that happen.  If you can’t imagine the results you want, what are the chances of it happening? 

There is 84 days left in the year 2009.  What do you want to make happen before the year comes to an end?  Let’s look at some areas you may want to make changes in: you might have a relationship that is not working well; you might have a financial situation that is troubling you; you might have a car in need of repair or replacement; you might be fighting medical issues;  you might be suffering from depression or addiction issues; you might feel lonely and in need of friendships, or any number of worries, hopes or dreams.  What if you could in the next 84 days change yourself and/or the situations, would you be willing to commit to this change.  What if it only took changing your thoughts, your inner story, your emotions, and/or your belief in self? 

The answer is yes you can make the changes you most want in a very simple way.  Follow these ideas and things will start to happen in ways as good as you can imagine:

•    You have to be willing to imagine positive and wonderful results
•    You have to be willing to feel excited, energized and enthusiastic about what you want to happen
•    You have to be willing to focus on the results you want, not on what isn’t working
•    You have to dump the old story or stories in your head that limit the results you want to create.
•    You have to believe you are enough and that you do deserve to have what you want in life
•    You have to be conscious enough to break from the old patterns and rewire yourself for success
•    You have to grow the power of these inner messages so that your subconscious mind has to make it happen
•    You have to get clear and then let go, instead of force of will, it works better to get into the flow of the abundant universe
•    You have to practice non-attachment to results because what may happen may be wonderful but not what you expected
•    You have to full appreciate each day for what it brings and for the blossoming of the potential you have released inside. 

Are you clear what you want to bring into your life?  Are you ready to commit to making it happen?  84 days will go by fast and before you know it you will be living what you want in your life.  I have two things in mind and I will let you know in 2010 how they amazingly manifested.