Achieving Lasting Happiness

What many of us are trained to believe as we grow up is this one simple lie, that we can cure our lack of peace: if we can simply control more of the events and people in our life to be the way we want them to be, we would achieve lasting happiness.   This lie is very prevalent in most of our upbringing and still guides our attempts to make our lives happy and peaceful.  What are the chances that we can control the events and people in our lives to be the way we want them to be?  My guess is it would be about 0% chance?  Does that match your guess?

So if controlling others and situations is not possible then what is the answer to bringing peace and happiness into our lives?  To begin we must be able to step past the conditioned mindset of the idea that peace and happiness comes from outside of us in having a better partner, a new car, more toys, a bigger house, finish raising the kids, get the right job, have the right income and so many other ideas we may tell ourselves about the future.  The truth beyond the conditioned mind is that peace and happiness are inside jobs and not based in the future or the past.

The place to really bring about significant change occurs between the ears in a place called the mind.  There are two aspects about this mind that seem important in this discussion.  There is the ego-mind driven by fear and survival and there is the wise-mind guided by the intuitive wisdom of your higher self.  The ego-mind's job is to keep you alive and going after what you need to survive.  This mind is often important because it can be a powerful driving force to make sure you have food and shelter. 

The wise mind is the higher wisdom within us that is linked to the consciousness of all of life.  That wisdom comes through intuitive moments, in the silence of contemplation, in the blinding light of insight, in the fully present moment.  This is the clear knowing of what is right for you, your purpose, your values, your code of ethics, your way of the heart. 

Happiness and peace come from being in the moment, from being open to the wise mind and from living according to consciousness and compassion within you.  Happiness and peace are natural occurrences of being fully present.

I have a work holiday today, so I am off to play first by taking my dog Pax for a hike in the mountains and then maybe some golf.  Enjoy your day and let your wise mind and each moment show you the way.