How Are You A Gift To The World?

Over at the blog Quantum Learning by Ian, he is asking his readers to leave comments or send emails about what are ways his readers are a gift to the world.  I love that idea so I thought I would spread it here at my blog. 

You may not even see yourself as a gift, which would be sad.  I invite you to take the time to write down the ways you are a gift to those around you and to the world.  If you want you can leave them in the comments section at Quantum Learning

Here is my list as to why I am a gift to the world:
•    Each day I try to spread consciousness, awareness, compassion and inspiration through my blog.
•    I am always exploring ways to be a more conscious and compassionate human being.
•    Through my inner work I am able to spread peace and inspiration through my interactions with others.
•    My progressive politics are about who is taking care of the needs of the people not the corporations. 
•    In my work I help people who have addictions to alcohol and drugs, I give them ideas and hope.
•    The staff I work with appreciate my support, my kindness and my teaching of skills for self-care and counseling.
•    My wife appreciates my cooking and our meals, which are often inspired by recipes I like to try.
•    I have a warm smile and people respond positively to me
•    I invite the best in people I interact with throughout my day
•    My dog Pax appreciates me taking him for walks, playing with him and his toys and feeding him.
•    Recently one of my clients had an awakening and I provided him with the ideas and readings that seem to help bring this about.
•    My brothers and sisters appreciate me for who I am and my support of who they are.
•    I will leave the world a better place through my work and writing.
•    I have developed excellent skills in asking people questions that provoke thought, new ways of looking at the world, and the insight needed to bring about personal change. 

I hope this list inspires you to come up with your own list too. You can also share them in my comment section below.