God Is Not A Christian

The title for this blog came as I was skimming through a magazine and thinking about the always-vocal Christian movement in this country.  The original settlers and founding fathers came to the United States to escape religious prosecution.  They were not Christian per say but more Deists who believed in a much wider definition of who God was.  We were not founded as a Christian nation even though many want us to believe that.  Our Nation was formed by those who believed in a God that was not necessarily Christian, Jewish, Catholic, Muslim, nor any other religion.  

That original intent has lost out to fanatical religious people in this nation and all over the world who insist others think and believe as they do.  These so-called religious people ignore science, advocate for war, kill people who go against their believes, and seem to have little or no understand of the most important teaching of all religions, the teaching of compassion for others.  

The other ignored important lesson of all religious teaching is that we are all God’s children.  Instead ego dominated religious people kill each other as it they are right and the others are wrong.  The bumper sticker that says, “Who would Jesus bomb?” seems to hit the nail on the head.  One thing for sure, Jesus was certainly not ever about killing others because they didn’t have the correct beliefs.

Are the religiously vocal and righteous actually in touch with their divine nature?  If so would they be supporting war, acting without compassion, speaking falsely to support their points of view, building huge mega churches will people go hungry, shouting down the views of others, and so many other acts that lack compassion and understanding?

God is not a member of any religion; there are no right religions and wrong religions.  All the great wisdom traditions share many higher truths.  Isn’t it time for a maturity of behavior and beliefs to come about?  Isn’t it time to drop the “I am right and you are wrong” point of view?  Isn’t it time to question all beliefs and instead focus on the common ground of true human wisdom?  Haven’t we had the dominance of ego in control for long enough?  

We are a brother and sisterhood who share the wisdom that we are not the creative force of the universe; that we were given our minds to understand and our hearts to have compassion; and that we are all connected from a particle level all the way to the highest and wisest of human consciousness.  Whoever God is, that God is in you and I and everyone and if we learn to live with that thought the rest will take care of itself.