Inner Practice #1 To Encourage Your Spiritual Awakening

You and I live in times where there is a deep longing for a more meaningful life.  This longing is a powerful force within us encouraging a more full express of who we are.   This expression we sense will be of benefit for humanity and to expand our self-realization. 

It is my hope that his blog supports and gives sustenance to this desire to more fully awaken.  Today I share a practice and it is my plan to regularly share new practices to assist in our awakening to the spiritual potential within. This weeks practice is Buddhist in origin and I am confident you will find it very helpful.  The following practice is called the Maitri Meditation.
Find a quiet relaxing place to sit and take a couple of long slow relaxed breaths.  Pay attention to the full cycle of inhale and exhale.  Let the breath deepen naturally.  After a few minutes direct the following thoughts toward yourself:

May I be peaceful.
May I be happy.
May my heart remain open.
May I know the beauty of my own true nature.
May I be healed.
In my healing, may I heal others.

Repeat this practice daily as many times as you feel is takes to sink in at a deep level.  Once you begin to feel these words and ideas vibrate inside begin to send the energy of this practice towards those you love and eventually to all living beings on the planet.   Be patient with the process and soon you will begin to feel the affects internally and then spread those affects around the globe.  Only when you truly feel compassion for yourself can you feel it for others.