What Would Make You Good To Go?

Yesterday in a focused conversation with one of the clients in treatment I gave her very clear feedback about her plans for her recovery.  My message to her was there was little or no chance for success especially when she had such a passive attitude about her treatment and the mistreatment she has received in her relationship.  She has to have legs under her, a strong sense of self to take her life back and any hope for recovery.  She has a long ways to progress before she feels good to go.

Most of us don’t find ourselves in significant legal problems and being run by an addiction, yet we can stay stuck as we passively stumble through life.  We fall into feeling like a victim, or placing all our energy into blaming and complaining.  We don’t feel as if we are even ok enough to have the life we want. We waste energy trying to live up to the expectations of others.  We live in the fear of failure and play it safe.  If any of these mind states sound familiar then we will never feel good enough or ready to go.

Take an inventory of your life: are you smart enough, are your flexible and willing to learn, do you have enough focus and willingness; can you take feedback and course correct; does it matter enough to you to do what it takes; do you get excited about the possibilities that are in front of you; do you believe in yourself in a way that will make success possible; and are you in any way in touch with your divine nature and the infinite possibilities waiting in you for espression?

What it takes to make you good to go is the following:
•    Clarity about where you want to go
•    Belief in yourself
•    Realizing you have infinite potential 
•    Knowing what you want is ok to have
•    Openness to learn as you go and become more effective
•    A plan that you feel is realistic and doable
•    Willingness to go all the way to the finish line even when it gets hard
•    Positive intention to more fully express who you are in what you do
•    Willing to connect to your higher nature to be guided to your fullest realization

Right now you are good to go if we are willing to embrace all that resides in you and through you.