Healthcare Debate: Greed Vs The People

Frankly I am becoming very impatient about the healthcare debate by our elected officials.  It is so clear they are heavily influenced by a trail of money that leads directly to the health insurance industry, and those who profit from it.  Not only are they in bed with these corporations but so too are their family members and there former staff.  There is so much conflict of interest here that no one in Washington DC has a clear conscience around healthcare. 

The Republicans vote against everything so Obama isn’t successful.  They would rather make a worst mess out of this country than have Obama succeed at anything.  He inherited their mess and they even have the audacity to blame it on him.  This is a planned effort to take back power.  They basically are saying screw this country until we get back into power and then we can continue to screw the people because all we care about is supporting corporate profits.  They support these profits because they benefit from them.

The Democrats lack courage to take a stand because they are afraid some that their campaign funds may be lost if they legislate for the people against the corporations.  It is all about staying in power and yet they say they are working for the people.  That is not accurate.  The so-called Blue Dog Democrats are simply Republicans claiming to be Democrats.  Our political system is not working for the majority of people in this nation.

The people who are protesting healthcare reform are feed endless misinformation and apparently can’t sort out truth from fiction or maybe they simply support corporate greed over their own well-being.  Any person who has their critical thinking capacity working can tell that healthcare reform is badly needed.  The Polls even show that a vast majority of people support significant reforms including a public option. 

There are no clear values that run either party except greed and remaining in power.  This is a real mess and most likely won’t change because the influence comes in the form of billions of dollars to keep things the same. 

Healthcare coverage for all Americans is essential because greed is running the healthcare industry, hospitals, doctors etc. and causing many people to loose all they have when they get ill.  This system is sick and the people are taking the brunt of it.  Healthcare Executives, shareholders, hospitals, drug companies, doctors are all running to the bank with their profits while many people are going broke because of the costs.  Does that seem right to you in any way. 

Change has to come from the influence of the people and if we passively complain nothing will happen for our benefit.  Please contact your elected officials today and let them know you want healthcare for all and you are going to hold them responsible to make it happen.