Major Issues Need Real Solutions: Over Population, Climate Change and Extremism?

These times we live in seem to be calling us to awaken or else we are destined to continue headlong into what could easily be major altering of life here on the planet even to the point of human extinction.  The danger zones ahead seem to be the following: the explosion of the population which will be surprisingly soon more than the Earth can sustain; the negative impact of the human race on the earth, water, and atmosphere which may already be irreversible; and the ever expanding extremism of those who seem unable to tolerate others who think differently than they do.

There seems to be reason for optimism however.  We may be able to come together to resolve the pressing problems of our time.  People are beginning to question the status quo and wonder out loud if there isn’t a better way.  The expanding movement toward spirituality in a variety of old and new forms, the seeking of higher states of consciousness, the importance of compassionate action, and the increasing world wide connection of people all over the planet, all make hope possible.

Let’s now consider the three pressing problems lingering outside our doors.  First the problem of overpopulation needs to be addressed.  This is the problem no one wants to address.  Birth control must happen no matter what any churches advocate.  If we continue at the present birthrate the planet will soon be so over populated that there will not be enough food or clean water.  This takes planning and everybody working together.  Are we up to this planning is the big question?  Many have doubts because this is a very passionate subject.  It will take at least 10% of the people to agree that we must control population growth.  The next ten years are critical to bring the growth rate down.

The second issue is the climate change that is already happening.  There are some who disagree that the issues even exists but they are easily fooled by their own biases.  Together all nations must come together to reduce toxins, to clean up the mess already present, and to formulate substantial policy to make the planet more important than corporate profits.  We absolutely must protect the air we breathe, the clean water and the food supply.  There are strong forces working on all these fronts.  Those advocates whose task it is to protect our water supply and to keep it public need more help.  Those who work to keep our air and atmosphere safe are vocal and energized but can use more resources.  The health and sustainable food movement is gaining momentum.  Everywhere more people are understanding these issues and getting involved.  This all adds up to reasons for hope.

The third issue is about regional and religious extremism.   Thoughtfulness and the raising of consciousness are needed now more than ever.  The ego driven nature of this problem has been the source of conflict and war for much of human civilization.  There is a growing awareness that we have the weaponry to kill everyone a hundred times over.  The fear of rogue factions causing worldwide damage has awakened the collective consciousness enough so that many now see the wisdom of all of us coming together.  We must work together to deal with those extreme elements so that they don’t wipe us all out in a mad expression of righteousness.  This is where a massive dose of compassion and understanding mixed with a solution-focused approach is called for as soon as possible. 

The answers lay in the compassion of the human heart, the thoughtfulness and understanding of our minds, and it the full realization of our spirit.  Please let us all join together and wake up to our highest nature.