Inner Practice #2 For Awakening and Awareness

How often do you take the time to really evaluate yourself and what you are up to? Do you just put your head down and charge forward or do you examine your path and your ways to make sure you are creating success within, in your relationships and in you work?  Are you awake or asleep as you go through life?

Slow down for a moment and become an observer of yourself and your process.  Break from the pattern of full speed ahead and instead look to see what is in the wake.  What results are you creating?  Are you feeling good about where you are in your life and who you are?  Are you realizing your potential?

When you step back you get to view your life without the harshness of a critical parent, more from the compassion of a good friend that resides in you.  The observer part of you is able to watch without attachment.  That means this higher part of you gets to see what is going on and do so without getting caught up in any personal drama you may be going through.  You are just watching and becoming more aware. 

The watcher watches and simply observes the ways you are and the results that you create.  That watcher does not judge just reports what it sees.  Stepping back means to watch and learn about your nature.  Stepping back is about becoming more aware.  When you become aware you awaken to infinite amount of possibilities. 

This learning about self is called insight or awareness.  The goal is to become aware enough so that you know who you are, what you need, what works for you and doesn’t, areas of strength, and the parts of you that would benefit from growth.  Awareness brings choices into your life.  Without awareness you are blind to how you are and to the potential in you awaiting expression.  With awareness comes choices and when you have choices you can change your life and keep changing it until it works out the way you want it to.

Stepping Back Exercise:
Image there is a part of you that is just above you are maybe even standing next to you like a spiritual double/ guardian angel.  This watcher gives you constant feedback because it is simply watching free of the biases of the judgmental ego mind.

Imagine being this watcher traveling through the day with you paying attention as you go.  See you get up in the morning and what goes on in your mind, body and heart.  Watch yourself engage in life throughout the day, again noting the mind, body and heart.  Everything you do is watched with awareness free of a judging self.  Your actions and behaviors are neither good nor bad but evaluated as to whether they working for you or not. 

This practice provides more opportunity for awareness and for awakening.  Explore it and enjoy the endless benefits of being a fully alive and conscious human being.