Thanksgiving Is Such A Good Idea.

This holiday is one that I value more than any other because it is such an important reminder.  It reminds me to be thankful for all that I have and all the blessings that flow through my life.  What are you thankful for?  Who or what do you take for granted and need to remember to be grateful for?
Here is my list of what I am thankful for today:
•    My work that gives me meaning and a place to practice compassion
•    My wife who is spunky and a loving partner
•    My dog Pax who teaches me about living fully in moment
•    The peacekeepers of the world
•    The food on my table
•    The farmers who grow our food
•    Those who get the food to the market
•    Those who are involved in the compassionate work of helping others
•    Those who keep us safe
•    President Obama who was handed a big mess and is trying to make things better
•    The people I work with who are all dedicated and compassionate professionals
•    My voice which allows me to teach and sing
•    Those that are working to take care of our planet
•    Those who work to keep our air clean and our water drinkable
•    Those who work as a healing professional
•    Those that come up with new and more sustainable process and products
•    Those who look out for the people’s interests of Washington DC
•    To corporations that are guided by ethics and try to do good in the world while doing no harm
•    To NGO’s dedicated to make a positive difference
•    To our elected officials who are doing their best to keep our country moving forward
•    To the teachers on the planet that are spreading enlightenment and raising consciousness
•    To the writers that inspire us
•    To the bloggers who are writing with the purpose of leaving the world a better place
•    To my clients who become aware and change their lives
•    To my clients who struggle but keep working at it
•    To all those who care enough to reach out to others
•    To all the people who take the time to listen with an open heart
•    To all the trees that keep our air clean
•    To the sun that keeps us warm
•    To the oceans that give us moisture
•    To each breath and each day that I am alive
•    To my biological family and my family of friends
•    To my legs that allow me to run and bike and so much more
•    To the inspiration that flows through me each day
•    To the readers of my Blog
•    To all fellow seekers in search of higher consciousness
•    To the Creative Force of the Universe

Note: Over the next week I will take some time off for the holiday and for moving to a new home.  My blogging will be infrequent but my mind and heart will never wander from the hope that you find more and more to be thankful for in your life.

Happy Thanksgiving To You

Political note:  If you are against the escalation of the war in Afghanistan call or email the President today.  If you support real healthcare reform contact all your elected representatives today.  If we got out of the mess in Iraq and Afghanistan we could easily afford and provided real healthcare for all.