Even Simple Practice Enlightens The World

Moving is such hard work.  I couldn’t stand any longer so I decided to sit down and write a draft of blog post tonight for tomorrow.  Although I have been very busy doing there has been time to be mindful.  When doing repetitive activities there are opportunities to be fully present to what I am doing. 

The technique I use most often involves paying attention to my feet as they move about in what seems like an endless flow of activities.  The feet are farthest part of the body from the ever busy and noisy mind.  When I sense my feet it naturally quiets my mind.  I choose one foot to concentrate on and it seems to work very well and encouraging me to be mindful. 

This brings to question, why would I want to be mindful when doing busy work?  My answer at least for myself is that it has great benefits including: keeps me in a positive frame of mind, keeps me alert to what I am doing, helps settle me down and be efficient in my organization, and guides me toward more awareness.  These are helpful benefits for my entire life. 

There are also advantages to being mindful beyond my self.  When mindful I get along better with my partner and those I interact with, which benefits us all.   When any of us are mindful in what we are doing we bring consciousness to our activities.  This consciousness expands outward and more people become more conscious.  The more consciousness we all have the better the world is and peace and compassion naturally arise. 

Take the time to do whatever you do mindfully, consciously, with awareness and your practice will spread around the planet and soon the whole world will awaken from the slumber of unconsciousness that has been so detrimental to humanity and the planet.  Each step you and I take can make a difference.