This Is Your Mind On Happiness

This phrase came to me the other day and I decided I wanted to write a blog post using this for my title.  As I regularly do, I write mindfully listening inward for inspiration and guidance. 

My first thought was about a client I work with who has become an excellent practitioner of mindfulness.  The tough guy who kept his heart blocked from years of being abused as a child has blossomed into a conscious and loving human being.  This blossoming is the product of a watching and wiser mind than use to be running him.  His ego has begun to shrink away and is being replaced by a compassionate heart. 

Another example of the mind turning to a place of happiness is when a person is neither caught up in the ramblings of the past nor the anxiousness of the future.  This mind is present and in being so, happiness naturally arises.   This mind is also able to be quiet, which allows it to be peaceful and open to a deeper knowing. 

Happiness is our natural state when the ego mind is no longer running you and instead the higher self is in charge.  An example of that is when you clearly know what is your higher path of action.  That knowing comes from a part of you that transcends the ego and personality; that isn’t bound by past conditioning or fears about tomorrow.  That knowing is a calm intuitive sense whose source is the spirit within.

Both peace and happiness are byproducts of mindfulness.  If you learn to be mindful, happiness and peace will be part of your daily life.  Take some time each day to explore the following mindful technique and you will treat your mind and your life to large doses of peacefulness and happiness:

Begin any or all activities from showering in the morning, to driving to work, riding a bus, walking into your office, sitting in front of a computer, eating meals, doing your job, working out or whatever you are doing with an awareness of your breath.  You don’t have to alter your breath just notice the inhale and the exhale.  As you go through whatever you are doing remain aware of the breath which may deepen or become quieter.  As you follow your breath you will notice how much more you are involved in the moment.  This being fully involved in the now of your activities is being mindful. 

Happiness and peace will always be part of your life experience when you are mindful.