Is God Dead? Hopefully The Way Many Want Us To Believe Is

There seems to be always a debate between religion and those that claim to be atheist.  There are writers like Richard Dawkins who have stimulated this debate.  I for one highly encourage this discussion.  All Religion needs to be totally questioned.   What has been done in the name of religion by so-called religious people is what has been the major source of madness on the planet.  Whether God is dead or not is in much greater hands as a matter of our own personal experience.

My hope is that God is dead as he has been identified by so-called religious men like Haggard, Olsteen, Robertson, Falwell, Dobson, and so many others who from my viewpoint have zero understanding of anything that is truly sacred or spiritual.   The God of most religions is a made up fantasy of very limited minds driven by fear and the need to be in control.  Those that don’t question these so called belief driven practices are doomed to live the unconsciousness of them.  Be leary of the Religious leaders like heads of churches, popes, priests, ministers, etc. and in their place put the guidance of your own higher nature.

Instead of being a follower, it is my suggestion that you become an explorer of what is spiritual and holy for you.  I suspect you know much more about what is sacred than most who claim to know God personally.  To have a relationship with your spirit, with the infinite wisdom of all creation would have to be something that comes from within.   Books like the bible may inspire people but frankly there is much greater inspiration in the eyes and hearts of each other, in the beauty of nature, in the stillness of the moment.  

Churches provided the benefits of community but don’t let them tell you what to believe and think because they know less than you do.  Practices show you methods but don’t confuse methods with being awake.   What if you are already fully awake but are held back by beliefs and the limiting conditioning you have received?

There is so much worth exploring out there about your higher nature, about consciousness, compassion and the connection between us all.  Make that your personal sacred journey and then you and only you can answer for yourself is God dead or maybe the divine in you is the holiest you can know.