Peacefully, Mindfully, Compassionately Agitate For Real Change

Last night I watched Bill Moyer’s Journal on PBS and it always gets me stirred up.  There is so much that needs our attention as citizens of this nation and the planet.  The challenge for me and I am sure you can identify with this; how do we pay attention to what is going on and not get so angry that we do things from an unhealthy place within us.  In other words how do we see what is happening and not be overrun by our own emotions and therefore act from hostility rather than from peace and clarity of purpose.  Real change to me cannot come about if we are foaming with angry and so upset that we are run by our negative emotions and unable to be mindful enough to do what is for the good of us all. 

Let’s explore this idea of our own state of mind and emotions as active participants in the world.  It is very hard to not get really upset about our country escalating the war in Afghanistan.  If however we loose our inner peace we are not good advocates for a peaceful solution.  Peacefully we need to insist that America become a peaceful nation.

The need for real banking and investment reform is essential and yet multi-millions are being poured into Washington DC now to stop that from happening.  That could piss a person off especially in these difficult times.  We bailed out a lot of these corporations and now they are using their money to stop reform.  To feel anger would be healthy as long as we transform that anger into positive action.  Positive action is to insist that our elected leaders do something about this mess and quit taking the influence money.

The insurance, drug and medical services industries are set up for one thing and that is profit.  If they help people get better that is secondary to their mission.  This needs to be reversed.  There are also multi-millions being poured into DC to stop any significant reform.  Both parties are polluted by these influence funds.  This is not acceptable so kindly let you elected officials know that they must represent what is good for all the people not the corporations and the tea party sheeple who follow what they are told to think. 

Oops that last line had a little edge to it didn’t it?  My work is filled with compassion for those I serve and my co-workers.  However, I sometimes find myself lacking in compassion for those that rally against their own best interests because someone has convinced them to do so.  People rallying against real healthcare reform are very confused about the truth because they actually believe the misinformation they are feed.  I want to say please wake up the ability to question and think on your own beyond any limiting biases and belief systems.  

One other thought politicians who say we have to be fiscally responsible when it come to healthcare are the same ones the support the financing of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan which make not financial sense at all unless you represent corporations who profit from war.   Ok my mini-rant is over. 

That is enough of my point of view, what is yours about the wars we are in, about the need for monetary reform, and about healthcare?  Can you keep your heart open to those who make you angry?  Are you able to be an advocate for change and not be too upset?  Are you able to be mindfully engaged in the process?  Are you able to be peaceful inside as you agitate for change?  Keep up the good work and remember that us thoughtful and compassionate people are the ones that bring about real change.