What Capacity Are You Wanting To Grow?

Last night I watched an excellent program on the History Channel called, The People Speak based on The People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn.  This program was exceptionally inspirational as it showed many people who have made a difference in this country.  When the show is on again please make an effort to watch it.  It is well worth watching if you are at all interested in being an agent for change in this country.

I got an early Christmas present, which I plan to make good use of for this blog.  It is a compact Nikon CoolPix I can carry with me everywhere I go.  I want to have pictures for this blog and I am excited about using this camera to make that happen.  I also get to explore photography as another form of creative expression.  The camera is a simple point and shoot, just what I need to have some fun with. 

What is up for you this week?  Are you feeling on top of what you need to get done?  Are your holiday preparations ahead or behind?  Either way take it easy and enjoy whatever you are up to because life is s wonderful when you take the time to appreciate it.  Holidays are meant for fun, relaxation, enjoying the company of others and tuning in to the expansive part of you that is one with the Spiritual Force of the Universe. 

Quiet time is part of the holiday spirit, time to contemplate, time to listen inward, time to be in touch with your heart, time to be mindful so your mind is an ally, and time to be grateful for all you have.  When you take the time to listen inward, you hear the knowing wisdom and guidance you always have access to in the stillness.  This still place of knowing and inner peace is such a great resource if you take the time to explore the silence within.  Quiet time is a great gift to give to yourself.

As far as gratitude goes take a heart moment and think about all the people on the planet, many of them have so much less than you do.  You have food on your table, a home, a car, television, a computer, roof over your head, a job and decent income, clean water to drink, and so much more you take for granted.  Just shinning the light on what you have makes appreciating it easy especially in comparison to others.  Enjoy and be thankful and life feels better. 

Have a great week and I will be back tomorrow.