Eight Super Positive Ways To Enrich Your Life Now And In 2010

How do we break from the unhealthy patterns in our life?  I ask that question because we all have some things we do that we know aren't very healthy for us.  Old patterns in thinking, eating, judging, anger, emotional denial, self-care, self-talk, exercise or lack of, isolating, self-doubt, blaming and complaining, avoiding what we fear, settling for less, not asking question, putting up with unacceptable behavior, not saying "no" when we need to, and so many other ways we limit ourselves from having the life we want and desire.  Is it time yet to examine those behaviors, those ways that never work and bring about significant change in our lives?  Maybe little examination is needed but what you do well is waiting to be even better?
2010 sounds like a good year to kick our lives up a notch and go for more of what we have always wanted.  What would that life be like?  Where would the changes come about?  The following are real positive changes we can make that will upgrade your life substantially. 

1.    Make a commitment to be mindful of you thoughts and your emotions.  Mindful means you pay attention and know your thinking and feelings.  Your thoughts shape your experience of life and they can inspire you toward success or get in your way.  Your emotions are the charge that drives you forward or digs you a hole.  If your thoughts clearly support what your want your emotions will give you the energy needed to succeed.  Positive thoughts and feeling will pave your way to an amazing life if you commit to being mindful.
2.    Stop the mind from judging you, everyone else and all things as either good or bad.  Good and bad are just words created by the mind and they don’t really matter.  The judging mind is making you and everyone else not ok which simply is not true.   A non-judging mind is accepting and understanding.  Instead simply ask, is this working for me or not.  Move towards what works for you and away from what does not. 
3.    Put the ego in its place.  That place is in a small corner of your mind where it enjoys very little influence.  The ego always wants to run the show through fear and obsession about the past and the future.  Arrogance in the ego in charge and that means you can’t see anything straight because everything comes through the lenses of looking good, being right, or being in control.  You are so much more than your ego so put your heart in charge and things will go well.
The opposite of ego is peacefulness and joy in the now.
4.    Now, that is where all the action is, so why not be there.  Absolutely nothing can happen in the past or the future.  It all happens in the present.  Make a commitment today to live today, to plan for tomorrow but to live today.  There is no other way.  In the now there is always love, joy, peace and freedom.  Try this out and see if the now is a wonderful present in your life. 
5.    Make your life about your heart.  If you want to do one thing that will feel better than anything else, then love.  Love yourself, love others, be kind and caring to all those you meet, and have compassion for all beings.  Giving love always gives back.  The more you spread love, the more you will receive it.  The more compassion you can have for others the more compassion will spread across this planet.  Love is the solution to all human problems.
6.    Find your peace within.  There is no outside way to peace.  Peace is always determined from the inside.  If you understand that finding your way to peace inside is simply listening quietly and appreciatively to the knowing within, then peacefulness will be yours.  Inner peace means the outside world is watched but not absorbed into the silence of your own inner stillness.  Let the peace within expand until your peace begins to bring peace wherever you go.
7.    There is an aspect of self, which you generally ignore because you forget your higher nature.  That self is called the Higher Self or Spirit.  This divine source within is always there to show you the way if you care to listen.  The guidance comes in the form of intuition, gut instincts, inspiration and clarity beyond the mind.  If you pay attention then things will work out in amazing ways.  If you ignore then suffering knocks down your door.  Today and everyday set some time aside to communicate with your spiritual nature and you will enjoy the effortless of this more conscious way of living.
8.    Become an explorer of higher levels of consciousness.  Ask questions, seek your own truth, become aware, and awaken to the possibilities within you and everyone.  The more conscious you become the better the world will unfold for the good of all.  Unconsciousness causes war, damages the planet, and lets greed be the dominating force.  Consciousness opens your minds and hearts to realize the magnificence of your nature and the nature of all beings. 

These ideas may seem familiar but whatever you do please do not underestimate the impact these ways of being can positively alter your life forever.