Holiday Parties, Sugar, Water, Sing Messiah And Contact With Spirit

Yesterday there was a work Holiday Party with a "white elephant" gift exchange.  Where did the white elephant idea come from?  Some people leave with junk, how come people bring lousy gifts?  Sometimes being compassionate is difficult because I feel empathy for those who got nothing they wanted.  Maybe that reactivity is the child in me that has past Christmas unfinished business or I just feel for everyone who looses out? 
My energy went very flat after the party from eating too much food and sweet stuff.  It was as if the sugar addict in me was allowed to run the show when it usually is reigned in.  A few times a year this sugar fiend gets to take over to taste lots of good stuff.  Too much dietary seriousness is not much fun.  Not enough watching what I eat will leave my body burned out.  The sugar and carbohydrate overload at least shrunk my sweet tooth for the rest of the day. 
This is when water is such a wonderful cleanser.  I can drink lots of water and flush myself out and feel back into balance in a couple of hours.  Our bodies are about 80% water and lots of water makes us feel better.  Similar to giving your car an oil change, you are going to get more long distance out of your vehicular body when it gets lots of water. 
Last night was the last practice for this weekend's three performances of the Messiah.  The practice was the first with the orchestra and it was fun when the instruments were not drowning out our voices.  When I got home from practice I put a leash on Pax our dog and went for a very vigorous walk uphill to burn some of the days calories.  The wind was warm for this time of year and it felt invigorating to move with such intention on a mild winter night. 

My topic seems to be a taking me all over in this post.  It was late as I wrote and I could feel my energy waning.  I decided I needed to finish strong so here is a thought you might find valuable as you wander through your day:

This is not a time to live without a practice.  It is a time when all of us will need the most faithful, self-generating enthusiasm (to be filled with spirit.) . . . . Whether we reach this inner state of recognized divinity through prayer, meditation, dancing, swimming, walking, feeding the hungry or enriching the impoverished is immaterial.”  Alice Walker