Inner Practice #4 Indirect Approach To Be Present

There are many practices that help you and I be present from a variety of traditions.  Being present is so valuable that in every spiritual tradition there are methods to help a person be in the now.  All these practices could also be called Being Mindful.  Here is inner practice #4:
This practice is especially effective when you are busy doing things.  The method is simple but not so easy to explain.  Begin doing everything with the idea of not doing in directly.  So let's say you reach for the morning cup of coffee and instead of going directly to the cup, you put a slight arc in your movement so that you still arrive at the cup with a movement that encourages you to be present.  This slight arc in the movement on the way to whatever you are reaching towards is so slight that no one would notice except you and that is the point.  Your intention to put the extra movement in your reaching brings you into the moment.  You are being mindful.
Other situations you can apply this simple yet profound practice include reaching for: a door handle, toothpaste, the morning paper, your wallet, toward your plate with silverware in your hand, a pan for cooking, salt, a pen, a snack, a notepad, your computer mouse, to turn a light on or off, put your keys in the door, and more.  The point is that you are always reaching for things and if you were able to do these activities with awareness, you would be present to what you are doing therefore present to all the possibilities of the now.

This indirect method can be used going for a walk, exercising, and any movements throughout your day.  The key is you slightly vary from going directly and that wandering arc brings you fully into the moment.  The more you do things with awareness the more positive you feel about yourself and the stronger you feel about your life because you are living in the now where the real action is.  

Let me know how well this works for you.  I taught this to some of my clients and they found this approach to be very helpful especially the client who makes his living as a cook.  He could work very fast even when he used the arcing movement.