Just Say No To Corporate Healthcare Greed

The health insurance debate in Congress is really not a debate but more a process of trying to figure out how to support the corporate pressure of the health insurance, drug, and medical industries so they can still maximize their profits and at the same time to not look like Congress is totally screwing over the people.  The people will loose badly in this process if we all don't speak up now.  The greed motive will win out big time if we don't demand a single payer system or at least a public option.  This is not complicated to figure out if you read what is really going on.  The conflicts of interests are staggering in DC at all levels and so slanted toward those seeking more money and power.
This issue is not about good or bad, or government vs non-government, it is about what is right.  Is it right for the profit motive to dictate our medical care?  Is it more of a right to have good quality and reasonable medical care then it is to have massive profits for the few major shareholders and executives of these companies?  Corporations are not innately bad, they are about making money even if it is not for the good of the nation or its people.  This system is set up to make the "haves" have more and the "nots" have less.
Politicians are not bad either, they just need lots of money to stay in power.  That is the present nature of the game.  So influence money needed for re-election is a reality and real change in our election campaign system is a whole different discussion.  
The important argument is not about too much government or too much cost.  Those arguments are just corporate/right-wing smoke screen for wanted unchecked capitalism/profits.  Anyone that says government can't handle this better than the private sector is ignoring medicare and the rest of our social safety net.  If the private sector were in charge there would be no safety net.   Conservatism heartlessly calls our nation’s safety net "entitlements", which they look arrogantly down their noses at as unacceptable.  
The budget arguments against healthcare reform hold no water because we without hesitation build a huge military/defense program and march off to wars we cannot win and no one ever worries about the budget for that.  The money is created to escalate and wage wars with endless billions but we can't afford real healthcare.  Don't believe that argument. 
Please step out of your comfort zone, get political, ruffle some feathers, demand accountability, speak up, and let our elected officials know what we want.  Please do that today.  The political will of a thoughtful electorate cannot be denied because it represents a higher truth than the ego driven desire for more power and greed.
The healthcare industries have way too much power because we let them.  The time has come to retake our power.  It is up to you and I.