Please Tell The President We The People Protest The War In Afghanistan.

While working on my post about this busy weekend, I had a flash of realization.  Most people in this country are not in support of escalating the war in Afghanistan yet the president and our government is going forward.  If seems the people’s voice needs to be heard here.  So my flash of an idea was that we all need to write the President and keep writing him until we get out of this mess.  There is no good war and anyone that says there is such a thing is gravely mistaken.  President Bush lied us into Iraq and that was so not necessary, now President Obama is further digging us into a hole that is a huge money pit and not something we will ever win. 

I commit to writing the President on a daily basis to speak for all of us who protest the war in Afghanistan.  Would you please join me?  Here is my letter today:

Dear President Obama, I am a strong supporter of you and am very hopeful of your presidency. 

I do protest your escalation of the war in Afghanistan.  I humbly question your rationalization of this as a good war. 

Sir there is no such thing as a good war.  Our people will die and our country will suffer greatly for this. 

Wars are always about ego and control.  I highly encourage you to do a deep self-examination here because your heart would never agree to this. 

Please be about real change and take our country out of this war.

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D. 

President Obama can be reached at: