Handel's Messiah Sing-A-Long and A Busy Weekend

The blog was quiet a few days because of a busy weekend, but I have two posts for today.  This weekend as a member of the Messiah Choir I am in had three performances.   When I wasn’t busy with that I had a fence to build for Pax so he can go outside without supervision and my wife’s parents came for brunch and to hear our choir’s performance.  This weekend seemed to last a few minutes and it was over.  Do you have weekends like that?

The performances were fun and the reviews from those in the audience were excellent.  Singing is such a great stress relief and so uplifting.  To sing with about 70 people who all sound so good is pure joy.  We have sopranos, altos, tenors and bases and each section is full of energy and enthusiasm.  In addition to the orchestra, the four soloists and the choir, the audience sings along so the church was filled with the most amazing music. Handel’s Messiah is a true work of genius that is uplifting because of the music, the words and the energy it stirs in all who participate. 

Robert Arentz our director of the choir was suprised by the Mayor of Boulder as the day was dedicated to him by the city.  This is his 27th year as the director and he does this from the kindness of his heart.  The church was full for the three performances so many people in the community are touched by this sing-a-long.   
This weekend was a joyous one and thankfully the next two weekends are longer ones and hopefully more relaxing with Christmas and New Years on the way.  I look forward to some good down time for enjoyable reading and to take it easy.  

Here are some photos from the Messiah Sing Along: