Be The Opposite Of James Dobson And Make The World A Much Better Place

Over the past several weeks I have been reading Republican Gomorrah by Max Blumenthal.  This scary book is about how the religious right, its ego-driven leader James Dobson, and the sleaze factor have hijacked the Republican Party.  I found this book to be very upsetting at so many levels and it sheds light on how our country has gotten into such a mess.  The so-called religious right(eous) are neither.   It is well past time for us to take back out country from those that insist we believe as they do and negate their attempts to rid everyone of critical thinking and self-determination. 

Truthfully, I had to put the book away for awhile because I found myself so upset by the audacity of those who claim to be Christian and yet have zero compassion and are totally driven by their ego’s need to be in control.  What I found myself thinking is what would be the opposite of James Dobson and that could be the guiding principles to all who really want to be conscious, compassionate and constructive members of our nation and the planet.

Here are the human qualities that would best serve humanity and be least like James Dobson.

1.    Develop your connection to your spiritual nature.  What has gone wrong if most organized religions are not about spirituality but about gaining power and control over their followers, the political process etc.?
2.    Humility is a key quality in changing the world toward peace and compassion.  Is it ok with you that the arrogance and ego of so-called religious leaders continue to be the source of most of the world’s problems?
3.    Find ways to empower yourself to make a positive difference and to empower others.  Is it acceptable to you that religious leaders often seek to control rather than empower and will do whatever it takes to make people feel not ok about themselves?
4.    Open to trusting yourself and learn to trust others.  Should religions and their leaders spread distrust in the form of judgments of all who think differently?
5.    If you focus on only one issue for the rest of your life make that focus about developing compassion for self and others.  Does it seem wrong to you that many religious leaders ignore the primary teachings in all religions about the importance of compassion?  
6.    Keep your mind open so you can be receptive to a wide range of ideas and viewpoints and so you can keep on growing as a human being.  Is it ok to think you have all the answers and most everyone else in wrong? 
7.    The healthiest way of being in the world is to constantly seek to be a more aware and conscious human being.  How come so many insist you believe as they do?
8.    Finding your way to be a true source for good in the world seems to involve having an open heart.  If your heart is closed to many can you be a true force for good?
9.    The world is hoping you can find peace inside so that we all can experience peace in the world.  How can someone who is angry and wants to dictate your thoughts and beliefs ever experience peace within?

There are many other non James Dobson qualities that could be explored here but frankly if you and the rest of us develop these nine then the world would be such a better place and Mr. Dobson would be a non-factor. 

Letter #7 President Obama

Dear Mr. President,

I trust you to be the force for good that we elected.  There are so many forces against what is for the good of the people.  You will need great courage to succeed.

Please courageous review your plans in Afghanistan and look toward real help rather than more war.  More war cannot bring real peace.

Peace to you and all of us,

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

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