Let Us Break The Bonds Asunder

This is a line that has been going through my mind since last week’s Messiah concerts.  These words come from one of Handel's masterpieces and it seems they are encouraging me to leave the past limitations behind, to break from the bonds of my own limiting thinking, to free myself from the ways I hold myself back both consciously and unconsciously.  2010 is going to be a breakout year because I clearly sense my Higher Self guiding me to up the ante.  I commit to being more real, speak up more, question more, and to do my best to get out of my own way.  Are you willing to do the same?
This speaking up and questioning more seems important during these times of such unrest.  It seems like we all need to find our center, our place of inner wisdom and our inner peace.  The following are areas in need of questioning and positive change:

The first place that comes to mind as far as questioning appears in the blog post yesterday.  This domination of those who call themselves religious whether radical right Christian, Muslim or whomever must to be addressed directly.  How can we let these zealots/control freaks dictate the direction of our nation and the future of all nations?  This is totally unacceptable and we all need to take a stand for sanity, compassion and freedom from the bonds others want to place on us.  
Our government is a mess with needless war, corporate dominance, and egomania running Congress.  This too is unacceptable because what is best for the people has lost out to what is best for those in power.  Compromise is not about real dialogue for the good of all but much more about which control seeker wins.  This sad ego driven leadership has for most of our history been true but these forces in search of power seems to have lost all touch with any higher values.  If this is to change we must all look inward and make contact with our own higher nature or things will continue to fall apart.  History is full of powerful nations who lose it all because higher values get lost along the way.  The source of all higher values is found in the heart and spirit of us all.  The bonds placed on all of us by those in search of more control and power negatively affect us all and should no longer be acceptable.  
The quiet acceptance of us all who don't speak up even in our own families for fear of being judged or making others feel uncomfortable is choking the life out of many.  I think of my own in-laws and the silence of those gatherings.  What is the fear here?  Is it that we won't be accepted when they already seem to sit in silent judgment?  Is it because so many talking head bash all those who think differently and spread anger and hate even in families?  One of my least favorite bashes are those who call us  "liberals" with distain, who are they to judge?  

As a matter of fact I am proud to be a bleeding heart liberal.  That means I have compassion for my fellow brothers and sisters; that means I care enough to try and make a difference.  

For those who lack compassion here is some information you might want to open your heart about: I doubt there is one troubled human being on the planet who wasn't abused as a child so how can anyone past judgment on them?  What is needed is more love, compassion, caring, and kindness and as a liberal I will keep giving as much of that as I can for the rest of my life.  I want to help those who don't know how to help themselves break the bonds asunder of their own damaged childhood.  
It seems 2010 will be a time to stir things up for the good of us all.   Are you willing to join me?

Please join me in promoting peace by questioning protest the expansion of the war in Afghanistan:


Letter #8 to President Obama

Dear Mr. President,
I hope as this year comes to an end you feel satisfaction for all you have accomplished.  You have taken on very challenging times.  Please know many of us back you with much support.

The war in Afghanistan must be very difficult to figure out.  From my viewpoint, it does not make sense to bring more soldiers in because they just become more targets for all the anger and frustration of this nation that always seems to be invaded.  There is no winning when there is such ongoing loss.

Please work at pulling us out of their rather than expanding our troop levels.  This is the sane course in the insanity of war.


Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

You can send President Obama an email at: http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact