Inner Practice # 5 - Seeking Awareness Through Being Open

If you want to become a more aware and conscious person you must be open to all feedback no matter what form it takes.  This practice is a challenging one because the ego-mind will battle giving up its critical nature.  Here is the practice:
Begin with sitting quietly and listening to see what messages rise up in you from the body, from your inner dialogue, from your heart, from your reactivity, from your dreams and from your intuition.  Avoid censoring anything because all message are worth noting. 
Also pay attention to the message outside of you, from your family, your co-workers, your boss, your friends, your radio on the drive to work, the environment around you, your TV, and even the billboards you pass by.  Imagine that the whole of life is conspiring to awaken more awareness in you.

Once you open to all the opportunities that flow through your life, you can than begin to ask the universe questions or seek guidance about issues of concern for you.  Then being open gets even more interesting because you will receive messages and answers very specific to your request.  This information can be a powerful guide for creating the most amazing life if you are willing to listen and see what is presented to you to move your life forward.

Let me know how well this works for you and any guidance your receive in unique and powerful ways.

Letter #9 to President Obama

Dear Mr. President,

As this year comes to an end there is much to be grateful for as you have taken on huge odds and have done very well.  I hope 2010 is filled with great success for your presidency and our nation.

I do respectfully request that in this New Year that you move more away from war in Afghanistan.  It is time to drop the illusion of seeking control over evil forces.  This nation is too strong to live in fear.  Instead lets take positive action with all nations to insist that we have a peaceful world.  Those that oppose that peace need to be dealt with constructively.  Wars do not work for the good of the planet.

Peacefulness to you and your family,

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.