The Challenges and Opportunities for Emotional Well-Being in 2010

        Tonight is a Blue Moon and Here’s To A Wonderful 2010, Happy New Year To You

Now let’s talk about what will make us feel better in 2010.  First some questions then some of the issues and finally some positive direction to take.

How come there is so much emotional unrest?  Does it seem that people are more angry, worried, upset and restless as anytime in our lives?  What are the reasons for this emotional instability?  As a mental health professional, I am very interested in the mental and emotional health of all people and I sense that there are some core issues that are causing the disturbances.  The follow are some of the reasons there is so much unsettled emotions and some possible solutions.

•    The times we live in seem to be very unsettling and that makes people feel fearful. 
•    There are many opinions out there about what is right and who is wrong and the lack of understand and tolerance seems to be growing stronger. 
•    The financial mess this country is in has made many feel anxious and have cost many their plans for once comfortable future. 
•    The vast majority of people in this country feel as if they are walking a very fragile path between financial survival and the hopes for better times.
•    Many have vast amounts of unexpressed emotions that feel very uncomfortable and makes them feel like a walking time bomb.
•    Anger is brewing because the systems that hold us together are not working.  Government, corporate America, education and religious institutions are all a part of the problem.
•    Somewhere the idea of intolerance of those who see the world differently has become acceptable and feed by the talking heads who spread anger and hate. 
•    The morally righteous actually think of themselves as superior and sit in judgment of all who believe differently than they do.
•    Some people have become so blinded by their beliefs that they actually are willing to kill and die for them.  This is the mind of insanity in action.
•    The disconnection from the heart and the dominance of the ego-mind has put many humans into a real state of imbalance.  When the head dominates, the heart disappears and compassion is lost.
•    The cycle of abuse and neglect continues to escalate as many spread from generation to generation their family’s level of dysfunction and trauma.

That is more than enough disheartening information but if we look around we will see much validation for these points. 

So what can we do?  Each of the following ideas have a great potential to make a difference personally and planet wide.  Find out which ideas resonate most with you and begin immediately to incorporate them into your lives and share them with others who would also benefit.

•    Take time to get to know your own thoughts and feelings.  Self-awareness is a powerful tool for bringing you understanding and better choices in your life.
•    Each day make a commitment to expand the influence of your heart in your life.  Every one of us is here to be more loving, compassionate, caring and kind.
•    Support the decriminalization of those with mental health problems and addictions.  Insist that treatment becomes the way to break the cycle of abuse they have all suffered.
•    Focus on developing a fuller relationship with your spirit.  If you find a church that is free of extensive dogma and nurtures your spirit then by all means grow with others.  Stop being a blind follower because you can totally loose yourself in the process.
•    Watch out for the judging mind, which is ego driven and instead develop the wise mind, which is accepting and has compassion for all fellow beings. 
•    Get involved in the political process, but do so from a place of peacefulness and in search of solutions.  No more blaming, just people working together for the good of the people and the planet.
•    Turn off the talking heads, stop watching the fear based news and instead listen inward to the deep knowing of your intuition, your heart and your spirit. 
•    Acknowledge your feelings, be ok with who you are, accept your unique expression, listen deeply to others and seek to understand. 
•    When you feel fear know the ego is running the show.  The opposite of fear is hope and love so focus on where you have hope and on those you love.
•    Develop trust in yourself and in everything working out for the best.  Change is always for the positive if we are open to seeing the truth of the lessons we receive along the way.

The issues exist but the solutions are more powerful.  Find your way home to your higher nature and everything will work out better in so many ways. 



Letter #10 to President Obama advocating for peace.

Dear President Obama,

It is New Years Eve and there is excitement in the air for 2010 can you feel it?  Can you feel the hope of the people of our nation that real positive change can actually come about?  There are many issues, which you are well aware of and we trust you to do your best with them.

The War scene is not the positive change we had in mind.  You are requested to move in a more positive direction and bring real help to the people of Afghanistan not more war.  Please no more harm.

Happy New Year,

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.