Nimble, Flexible, Watchful and Willing To Go With The Flow

The night sky is filling with clouds as snow approaches. I am sitting here feeling the excitement of a child waiting for the transformation of the outdoors into a winter wonderland and also the dread of the slipping runner hoping to not fall on my backside in the early morning hours of what tonight will bring. I appreciate the kid in me, and the protector looking out for my not so young body. Both serve me well at different times.

Is your inner child still alive? Here is a good way to find out. Do you still have fun and are you still playful; or are you all business? It is so easy to push the kid away and get serious about what you are doing. Instead of stuffing the child in you, how about valuing it and using it to feel alive and playful.

It is good to also appreciate the part in you that looks after your health. It is too easy to get overly serious about what you are up to and compromise your health, your peace of mind, and your ability to feel love and have compassion. Being out of touch with yourself can cause you and those around you much suffering. Your aware self keeps you safe and sane.

In this times of constant change you and I have to learn to be nimble. That is easiest when you combine the child in you with the carefully aware self. The child can go with the flow and have fun no matter what comes your way. The cautious self can look out for where you are heading and make sure you will be ok. The mixing of the adventurous and the watcher makes for flexibility and adaptability when they are most needed.

This quote came to me while I was stumbling about on StumbleUpon and I wanted to share it with you. Have a good weekend and enjoy the moments that touch you.

I would rather have a mind opened by wonder that closed by belief.” UnKnown

SPECIAL NOTE: I also wanted to dedicate this blog today to Rabbi Michael Lerner a very inspirational leader of the Spiritual Progressives movement. His health is in need of your supportive thoughts, prayers and light. Over the next month or so I will be sharing more of the topics that this very passionate spokesperson stands for as he works daily to make a difference for us all.