Let This Day Be A Reminder Of The Power Of Love.

Happy Valentines Day to you and to all people who share this planet together, let’s let love and compassion be our guide. Is there any doubt that spreading loving kindness is a positive thing to do? Can you imagine a world where there is enough compassion and caring for everyone? All wise spiritual traditions agree that love is the highest human expression.

Imagine spreading love everywhere you go each day? How would it feel to let your heart open more each day? Is there any limit to the love inside of you or anyone else? Sure there are people who have lost touch with their hearts but showering them with love would help them open up again. The capacity to love in many of us is barely tapped into and just waiting to expand.

Isn’t it time we let love be the major force for positive change? Terrorism cannot exist in a loving environment. All terrorists are looking for love in the wrong places. All the people in prison just need the love and support of others to change their lives around. Even the baddest and scariest of people would do better in a caring environment. This is not some airy-fairy idea. It is instead what makes the most sense to anyone who has an open mind and an open heart.

Look around you, where do you need to spread love. Let this day be a reminder of the power of love. Commit to loving more each day and that includes: yourself, those you care about, and all those you come in contact with. Remember there is no greater human expression than loving, having compassion, caring for others, being kind and living with and open heart.

Love has the power to transform each of us and the planet. Are you ready and willing to open your heart to love?