Manifesting Your Unique Expression

Who are you? Are you your body, your thoughts, your feelings? Are you the story about you in your mind? Are you the drama you call life? Is there more to who you are than the eye can see? Who were you before this lifetime and who will you be after? These are all questions worth exploring is the search to find out who you really.

What do you think of these ideas: you are significantly more than your physical and mental presence; you existed before this body came into existence; your energy body (unsure what is the best way to describe it) is much more who you are than your thoughts, emotions and body. This energy body is called spirit, soul, source energy, higher self, divine nature, life force, higher power and other names in an attempt to describe the indescribable.

In case you were wondering, here is the way to increase your body, mind and heart’s ability to manifest is to expand into your energy body where all things are connected. This place of universal connection or collective consciousness is the air space/universal palate where ideas and thoughts generate physical reality. (Please understand that this is difficult to explain because I am still exploring these ideas as I go and words are slippery when trying to explain what is best understood beyond the logical mind.)

In other words we create/manifest most powerfully when our ego mind is overridden by the higher mind, which is at all times linked to the source of all creation in the universe. Linking to that higher source within is the goal if you want to take charge of creating the life you desire. How to do that is through the doorway of stillness. Dropping through the busy mind into the quiet of your higher mind takes focus and a willingness to practice. Meditation and mindfulness practices are excellent ways to prepare you for a regular dialogue with the more expansive aspects of self.

Today take some time to sit or walk slowly in silence, no effort is needed other than quieting the mind. The simplest way to slowing the mind down is to focus on your breath. As you are breathing in and out just follow the journey of the air as it comes into you and expands your chest and as it flows out and relaxes your body and mind. If you take 10 long slow breaths you will begin to feel the slowing down happen. Through slowing down, spaces of silence begin to appear and you can just enjoy the moment. In those moments let yourself feel the call to expand into your higher realms and feel the unlimited nature of this place in you and beyond your body/mind.

As you allow yourself to expand into these states of higher possibilities have a thought about what you want to attract/manifest into your material world. Plant the cosmic seed of an idea and allow yourself to be open to the fruition of that desire. With practice your will soon very clearly see that you shape your own experience of life. Knowing that, you then set clearer and clearer intentions until your life is flowing in a stream of well-being where all your need, want and desire come easily and effortlessly.

Make this all about playing with the endless possibilities of life and set yourself free to have what you want and to make the world a better place by spreading your joy and all else that wants to manifest as a unique and wonder expression of who you are.