The Unlimited You Is Through This Doorway

It is a holiday for me today. I have the day off, thank you Presidents Washington and Lincoln,  from my Recovery Treatment job and a very quiet house. My wife is in Las Vegas for an apparel show called Magic where she is selling our organic, free trade, peace t-shirts line which we designed. You can check them out at She just called as I am writing this to let me know she is there and looking forward to her day. I will miss her for sure and also appreciate the quiet time to tune in and aligned with the higher knowing part of myself.

I love quiet time, time to be still and appreciate the moment. Sometimes it seems, life gets way too busy and I have no time to be quiet and enjoy myself and the moment. That is because I allow it to get so busy that my doing takes over my being. I am making a commitment this week to be much more tuned in, to enjoy the week of quiet around here.

Do you have time to be still and enjoy yourself and the amazing freedom of each moment? Take a few minutes right now and let your breath come into your awareness. Set yourself free to be fully in this moment. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . There is no hurry or no worry if you are really present to the now, there is only freedom to be, feel, think, sense, imagine, dream, or hope for whatever you want, or just do nothing and feel the joy of being present to your experience of yourself being here and now.

Quiet time is a gift you can give yourself anytime of the day. It only takes a few minutes to let yourself experience this gift by quieting the noise of the world and instead tuning into your expanding breath.

Yesterday the blog explored the expanded nature of all human beings. This quiet place inside of you is the doorway to that enlightened state of human possibilities. Take a few minutes right now to allow that doorway to be opened and experience your expansion into the infinite possibilities within you. . . . . . . . . .

Now that you are have had the experience of expansion and felt the peaceful and unlimited energy of that place, go dive in and let me know how it goes. There is true bliss beyond any other when you allow yourself the freedom to be all that you are. The unlimited you is waiting.