Let’s Redefine Humanity’s Direction

There is so much stirred up financially in the world that I wonder if this is because we humans have some how gotten our priorities mixed up? Has the pursuit of money at all cost been damaging to our banks, our corporations, our churches, our social structure and even our families? Money is a positive resource to have but greed and the desire for power have tainted this resource.

Our financially institutions have gambled their resources trying to make more. Corporations are dishonest, discard people as if they don’t matter, set up offshore addresses to avoid taxes, and do many other questionable practices in the name of profits. People who want more often give up time with their families trying to make additional money. Even many churches seem to be more about building their financial resources than about the work of the soul. Where has this gone wrong? What has caused this material madness?

Instead I want to propose and different direction or focus for our lives and the wealth of the planet. Let’s make this all about giving about living from a place of kindness, of caring and compassion for each other.

Here are some steps we might consider to alter the course of humankind and save the planet while doing so:
• Open your heart to giving. The easiest way to happiness is to give.
• Make your life about what positive differences you are making for those you love and those you wish to help
• Use money as a positive resource for bringing about change. True wealth could be about being effective agents of change.
• Make being compassionate your purpose in life. That means having an open heart, listening to understand, and seeking to bring relief.
• Ending suffering can be another wonderful purpose. Making sure everyone can eat, have a home and get the medical care they need.
• Caring for the planet may include less buying of unnecessary goods, buying green, driving less, or buying local.
• Make self-care a priority. Each day love yourself by quieting the mind, paying attention to your feelings, caring for the body and nurturing your spirit.
• Instead of showing love by buying things, show it by giving love in the form of time, of listening, of helping those in their struggles.
• Work for places where people matter. Make sure what work you do is satisfying. No more working at jobs just for the money.
• Plant a garden and give it lots of caring attention and then enjoy the great tastes of your labor.
• Keep things simple, live within your limits, enjoy the wonders of a life full of loving-kindness.
• Go for a walk and appreciate nature, the stars at night, the moonlight, the wildflowers, the animal life, and the connection you feel to the Earth.
• Keep an open mind, keep on leaning and growing, keep reaching to express your potential and all will seem to work out just fine.

What ideas would you add to this list? Your ideas do matter and are truly needed if hope is to win out over greed and fear.