Take Time To Do A Heart and Mind Check

It is still feeling good to have the quiet time at home. Both our dog Pax and myself miss my wife Bobbi. Pax is not nearly as appreciative of the quiet time nor having the house to himself. Someone comes over in the afternoon to take him for a walk but the rest of the time he is alone this week. He never complains and so far he hasn’t chewed up anything in frustration. Dogs give such unconditional love. The world would be a better place if we took lesson about love from our dogs.

President Obama was here in Colorado yesterday to sign the new stimulus bill. Isn’t it great to know there is intelligent leadership trying their best to turn things around?

So far the Republicans seem to want to keep things as they have been the last 8 years because they and their friends I guess have done just fine. I frankly don’t understand that because only the very wealthy are not feeling the impact of the downturn. How come people who have certain beliefs refuse to change them despite the evidence that their ideas are not working?

Excuse my skipping around today on my post but I feel less orderly and more in the questioning mode. If you read my blog regularly then you might think I am always questioning things. Your perception is probably accurate. The process of questioning most things is what I do for a living. As a therapist it is my job to question my clients, their thoughts, their behaviors, their self-talk and maybe most of all, their beliefs. Too many people I work with are totally limited by false beliefs about themselves, others and the world.

So let me see if I can tie the above topic areas together in some way that makes sense. (As I write this I am stalling and hoping to be inspired with some great ideas.) Could it be that loving, taking intelligent action and questioning beliefs all fit together? I think I can safely draw this conclusion: an open heart and an open mind are true keys to a life of learning, of loving, of personal freedom, and the path to a joyous life.

As a counselor, I know my clients do so much better when they are able to: open their hearts to self-love and the loving of others; question their limiting beliefs and create new and healthier ones; and take back their lives through the active positive work of a lifetime of recovery. I know I also do better with a loving heart, and active mind, and the freedom to express my own purpose and potential.

Take time today to do a heart and mind check. Make sure both are open and ready to move your life forward in thoughtful and passionate ways.