Maybe It Is Time To Kick You Own A . .

Do you ever feel like stirring things up in your life? Have you ever moved to a new place, town, or state to stir change in you and your life? Do you ever feel restless as if you are not fully who you want to be? Is your life grooved so deeply that you can’t seem to get out of it? What old habits/ways do you need to change or you will bore yourself to death? Is there an intuitive sense that wants to guide you towards a new life? Have you ever wondered what the meaning of your life is?

If you answered yes to any of these questions maybe it is time to examine what is happening inside of you and in your life. As far as life goes, there needs to be new growthful things happening or it just feels like something in missing. You can’t keep doing the same things over and over and feel OK about it.

What are the best ways to stir things up? Here are six ideas to help you get things unstuck.

• I keep on saying this: if you want to stir your life into a whirlwind of growth, take time to hang out with yourself in silence. Turn off the Tube and the Radio and listen inward. There is an endless supply of really interesting things going on if you just take the time to listen.
• Figure out what beliefs you have about God/Heaven/Hell, about humanity, concerning politics and religion and toss them all into a huge heap of useless information. Then take the time to go searching for your own truth not someone else’s idea of what truth is.
• Look at your life, see where you are run by your habits, fears, ridiculous self-talk, and family traditions and stop being so boringly predictable. Throw yourself and everyone else off by doing things that are fresh and new for you. Say no to the old ways and yes to exploring.
• Whatever else you do from this list, make this one you do for sure. Stop being so damn serious about things, lighten up, have some fun, enjoy life. Seriousness is terminal. Having fun is a much more alive way of living. Especially watch out for your pride and the need to be right, these can make you really stuck on yourself.
• Make a commitment today to stop seeking the approval of others. You are not here on this planet to live up to anyone’s expectations. Stop saying yes when you want osay no. If you really want to feel ok about yourself, you must live according to what you know is right for you.
• Slow down, stopping rushing around and acting like your house is on fire. Let go of this worry nonsense. Instead relax, be patient and let things come to you. No more fighting upstream, instead learn to flow with the wisdom of nature and flow effortlessly as you can downstream.

OK is that enough to stir the cobwebs out of your mind? If not find other ways to wake yourself up and live more fully each day.