Right Wing Republican Nonsense

It seems the whole radical Right is following Rush’s guidance and trying to crush hope in America’s future by making sure President Obama fails. Those of that mind would rather all of us suffer more than have the Democrats succeed. That means their dogma, their regaining power is more important than the health of our country. Does that make sense to you? Are these supposed leaders offering any real solutions other than the ones that got us into this mess?.

These questions are important because our success depends on the country getting its confidence back. Opposition always has a place in politics but there are times we need to join forces to deal with our problems rather than just complain? If new and positive solutions were offered we would be better off to fully consider them. Instead there are just “no” votes. Those seem to be “no’s” for our future.

What is most concerning to me is that not even the so-called “experts” know what to do. There are no clear answers, so it seems to me we need everyone working together in search of workable solutions. This is missing from those that just vote “no” and don’t offer any help to make things better. It reminds me of the old Reagan strategy to deal with the drug problems in this country, their solutions was – “Just Say No” and it didn’t work at all.

It seems the Republican group-think is “just say no” and eventually they will get back into power. Do you think this will work or is it more self-serving with a total ignoring of the negative impact on the country. Where are the Republicans leaders who really care more for the greater good than for regaining power? These leaders who can think beyond the ego’s need for power and join forces for the good of the nation need to come together with those already offer solutions. Saving the country from financial crisis seems to be the top priority, don’t you agree?

I look forward to the day when power and greed shrinks away and we all wake up to the realization that we are all interconnected. What’s needed most is compassion and understanding and the simple security of a home, food and health care for all. This is all easily possible if we quit building all these insane war machines and started really caring about each other.

Have a peaceful and compassionate day.